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Science fact, science fiction and the spaces in between.



The fine line between bizarre but true scientific fact, and realistic hard science fiction is closer than many realize and I have tried to write from both sides.

In 2016 I published "Modern Poisons," a non-fiction text that explored the real world of Chemical Toxicology, and how chemicals, released into the environment, are acting in unusual and unexpected ways.  More recently, I wrote a science fiction novel on prions, the unusual proteins that cause Mad Cow Disease.  In that future, prions behave just slightly more sinister fashion go horrifically wrong and people die violent deaths.

To write for the scientifically curious, one does not have to go far from the realities of current scientific knowledge to find enough source material to write compelling text.  When s
cientific fact edges toward the bizarre and unusual, and when science fiction is just a shade from true, the stories seem to write themselves.

What reviewers are saying

"I read Twist in one sitting. The story had great characters and a thrilling plot. Looking forward to a sequel!"

"This is a page turner that relies on the author’s mastery of the emerging science of prions and their clear joy in creating a wild ride of thriller."

Modern Poisons Cover.jpg

"Excellent book. The book is brief but enlightening. The chapters are short but packed with learning that is, overall, not too difficult to understand. Recommend for those interested in the effects of toxins on your health and the environment."

"Modern Poisons" explains the basic principles of toxicology for the average person.  ... I would highly recommend this book to everyone as it's an important topic to understand."

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